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ADS Form Arabic font change after upgrade

Feb 12 at 05:23 AM


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ADS Form Arabic font change after upgrade

After checking font trace file we found that Arial font is not mapped to Arial and the font doesn't exist, I have added the font and now need to change the mapping from


but I fount there are many mapping lines to arial what's the exact way to change it, do I have to keep only one line and delete the others and what about the embed value do I have to change?

This is a sample of what I have

<equate from="Arial_*_*" to="Helvetica_*_*"/>

<equate from="Times New Roman_*_*" to="Times_*_*"/>

<equateRange from='Arial_*_*' to='Helvetica_*_*' unicodeRange='U+000000-00007F'/> <!-- Basic Latin -->
<equateRange from='Arial_*_*' to='Helvetica_*_*' unicodeRange='U+000080-0000FF'/> <!-- Latin-1 Supplement -->
<equateRange from='Arial_*_*' to='Myriad Pro_*_*' unicodeRange='U+000100-00017F'/> <!-- Latin Extended-A -->
<equateRange from='Arial_*_*' to='Myriad Pro_*_*' unicodeRange='U+000180-00024F'/> <!-- Latin Extended-B -->
<equateRange from='Arial_*_*' to='Myriad Pro_*_*' unicodeRange='U+000370-0003FF'/> <!-- Greek and Coptic -->
<equateRange from='Arial_*_*' to='Myriad Pro_*_*' unicodeRange='U+000400-0004FF'/> <!-- Cyrillic -->
<equateRange from='Arial_*_*' to='Myriad Pro_*_*' unicodeRange='U+000500-00052F'/> <!-- Cyrillic Supplement -->
<equateRange from='Arial_*_*' to='Adobe Hebrew_*_*' unicodeRange='U+000590-0005FF'/> <!-- Hebrew -->
<equateRange from='Arial_*_*' to='Adobe Devanagari_*_*' unicodeRange='U+000900-00097F'/> <!-- Devanagari -->
<equateRange from='Arial_*_*' to='Adobe Arabic_*_*' unicodeRange='U+000600-0006FF'/> <!-- Arabic -->
<equateRange from='Arial_*_*' to='Adobe Thai_*_*' unicodeRange='U+000E00-000E7F'/> <!-- Thai -->
<!-- <equateRange from='Arial_*_*' to='_*_*' unicodeRange='U+001100-0011FF'/> --> <!-- Hangul Jamo -->

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1 Answer

Piotr Kaczmarek
Feb 13 at 08:32 AM


Please check solution from KBA below:
KBA 2367603 - Arial font missing in PDF output

Best Regards,

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