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Title of the FIORI App

Feb 10 at 12:56 AM


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I have extended the standard appointments app in FIORI. The title of the app is not being displayed correctly. Where should the title be set for this App ?

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Bruno Lucattelli
Feb 10 at 01:47 PM

Hi Kabir Siddarth !

The app title is defined in Component.js.

In this case, it's using the file.

What you have to do is configure your Extension Project Component.js file as follows:

1 - Add these lines to your config section

2 - Create a file (remember to create one for each required language as well)

3 - Add your custom i18n reference and value:

4 - Run your app!


Hope this helps


i18nproperties.png (12.3 kB)
componentjs.png (17.5 kB)
compext.png (27.5 kB)
folderext.png (5.9 kB)
i18next.png (4.1 kB)
extapptitle.png (18.7 kB)
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Thanks a lot Bruno for the detailed step by step explanation. I'm sure this thread will be used by many in future for this issue.