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Evaluation path in Organizational Management

Hi everyone ,

Can anyone explain me what is the Evaluation path in Organizational Management?

Thanks in advance.

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3 Answers

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    Jun 21, 2008 at 12:09 PM


    Evaluation paths represents a chain of relationships between object types.

    By specifying the several objects and relationships the evaluation path will analyse your organization structure and retrieve the several objects included on it.

    You can maintain evaluation paths on img -> Personnel Management ->Organisation Management-> Basic Settings-> Maintain Evaluation Paths

    Using SAP documentation to be more precise:

    An evaluation path is an instruction to the system which determines which object types and relationship(s) are to be included in an evaluation of your organizational plan.

    One or more relationships are then used as "Navigation paths" for evaluating structural information in your organizational plan (relating to the organizational or reporting structures) or matrix organization. The sequence of the relationships included in the evaluation path is decisive in how the results of the evaluation are displayed.


    Evaluation path "Staff assignments along organizational structure" (SBESX):

    No. Object type A/B Relationship Priority Type rel. object Skip

    010 O B 003 * S

    020 S A 008 * P

    030 O B 002 * O

    For more information on priorities, see also: Priority

    First of all in this evaluation path, the positions assigned (S) to an organizational unit (O) are determined, then, the holder (P) assigned to each position is determined. As well as this, the next organizational unit down in the organizational structure is determined, the above procedure then takes place for this organizational unit. This procedure is repeated for all further subordinate organizational units.

    In the "Skip" field, you specify that a particular relationship is to be included in the evaluation path, but that the last object type in this relationship is not to be displayed.

    So, if the skip field were selected in the first line of the above example, this would mean that the organizational units and persons would be displayed, but not the positions that the persons occupy.


    1. Check the evaluation paths in the SAP standard system.

    2. Create your own evaluation paths. These must be alphanumeric and have a- maximum of eight digits. They must begin with the letter "Z".

    Further notes

    Each relationship is defined by its short name ("A002", for example) and the evaluation text as an evaluation path and can not, therefore, be changed. You can change the evaluation text but not the short name of other evaluation paths.

    Create new evaluation paths, if you have defined new objects and want to carry out evaluations for them in conjunction with object types that already exist. You also need new evaluation paths if you are modifying existing evaluation paths, by selecting a "Skip" field, for example. Copy the evaluation path into the customer name space (beginning with "Y" or "Z") and enter an evaluation path.



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    Jun 21, 2008 at 12:08 PM

    Hi Raj,

    use tcode ooaw and find from there.

    Rajneesh Gupta

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    Jun 21, 2008 at 12:16 PM

    the evalution path is the relation between the objects....means it will give the company structure

    The company structure describes elements of the company and there dependencies.


    Company code

    Personnel area

    Personnel subarea

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