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Jun 20, 2008 at 05:20 PM

Exit Variable on 0Date


Hi folks

I am working on a little application where I have to display a transmission date on the web layout. I have defined a variable of type EXIT on characteristic 0DATE in planning area. In exit function module, I am determining the transmission date and passing it on to variable. This variable is used on web layout (on the backend it correctly displays the value set in exit) but it crashes on execution with error of type RABAX_STATE.

When I changed the definition of variable so that it is on characteristic 0PROFIT_CTR and still type EXIT with same function module, it works fine as profit center can take on any value.

I guess, the crash is because of format of date. I have tried all date formats but nothing seems to work. If I change variable type to user defined or fixed, it works fine but it doesnu2019t serve my purpose of determining the date in function module.

Any Ideas?????