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Jun 20, 2008 at 04:38 PM

non billing of batch split items



I have one line item in delivery. Delivery split is there. there are around 6 spilt items with same batch nos. the main item category is TAN and the batch split items have a different item category,

my questions are as follows

1) my system is showing 6 line items in billing with quantities but with main item as zero qty. how to prevent this and have only one main line item in invoice with qty.

iam not sure but if some thing to be done in item category, then in which item category ,changes needs to be made :- main item catefory TAN or batch item category.

2) if the above can be controlled thru item category, then since the item category is used with various sales doc types, i want to control the billing as in point no 1 above for one particular sale doc type. how to do the same ....thru copy requirements/data transfer routines in copy control or thru the billing creation program ????