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Issue with the hierarchy class ,when i copied /ERP/GL_ACCT infoobject to Custom one

Hi All,

I need to create an copy of /ERP/GL_ACCT infoobject , but when I tried doing so , I got dump as this had Remote Hierarchical Class, So I have created an info object same as /ERP/GL_ACCT , My requirement is I need to get the FSV hierarchies which are in OB58 should also come for my Custom infoobject , So I tried copying that class CL_FCOM_IP_HRY_READER_GLACCT and also copied its super class, changed the attribute name to my custom infoobject name in class interface IF_FCOM_IP_IOBJNM( took a copy of it and changed in that) , I see no errors in my class , but still when I try to check the hierarchy for my custom infoobject in Analysis for office , I don't find the FSV hierarchy in OB58,Can anyone please help me on this?

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  • Hi All,

    Can anyone give me solution for the above question?

  • Can we use /ERP/* info objects directly in our transformation to load masters directly from info objects to our Custom info object. I am doing it in S/4 HANA optimized system for BPC (SP 1709 ).Can anyone suggest me with this , because when i am doing it in SP 1610 its working fine but when i am trying the same in SP 1709 its throwing me an error that the Info object with master data class can't be used for mapping.

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