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SOAP Fault custom structure

Feb 12 at 05:44 AM


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Hi Experts,

I have a SOAP to ECC sync scenario where i need to revert back with SOAP fault message in case of any exception.

My requirement structure is :

but in fault response from ECC i am getting structure which is under <details> , but after processing from PI to application it is getting changed as below.

Please let me know if required structure can be achieved. Also help me with the solution.

Thanks in Advance.!



fault.png (6.3 kB)
fault1.png (17.5 kB)
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1 Answer

Evgeniy Kolmakov Feb 12 at 10:11 AM

Hi Gaurav!

The main point is that you can't process the SOAP System Fault response in usual way.

The most generic approach is to set "Do not Use SOAP Envelope" option in receiver channel and add SOAP Envelope tags to your message using XSLT or java mapping. Also you should add parameter to your channel: XMBWS.NoSOAPIgnoreStatusCode = true.

After this you check response message for <SOAP:Fault> tag using, for example, XSLT mapping. If the tag exists - you've got System Fault message, if your response message root tag exists - you have normal response message received. And in your XSLT mapping you define templates to process both types of responses.

Regards, Evgeniy.

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Hi Evgeniy,

Thanks a lot for the prompt response!! :)

I'll try with suggested approach and update you.