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CRM to C4C integration using PI

Hello Experts,

We are trying to integrate CRM with C4C using PI.

as per the integration guide in CRM we have to run the report "CRMPCD_CREATE_CONNECTIVITY_SIM" to set up the xif adapter settings and create all the required objects automatically.

I have following query.

1. Under crm scoping can i select few objects in the first run and later run the same report to include some more objects for crm scoping ?

i am not quite sure if this report will regenerate the objects in the next run.whats the best approach to run the report and with all the objects selection?

2. we have already connectivity with the PI system via type T destination and have both inbound and outbound users for connection with PI system.

should we use the same users and RFC destination for the CRM to C4C integration or have separate dedicated users of for C4c integration.

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2 Answers

  • Feb 21, 2018 at 03:44 PM

    Dear Sumit,

    Kindly go through below points,

    1. Taken from the program Documentation "This report ONLY supports the creation of entities. Updates and deletions are NOT done automatically. The report doesn't change any EXISTING setting. This means that whenever you have to update information you will need to maintain those manually."

    So you can run the program multiple times to add new objects.

    2. Technically you can use existing connection between your CRM and PI, however this report helps you automate the process and adequate number of destinations would be created automatically.

    If you really do not want new destinations to be created, then i would suggest you to go through the configurations manually in IMG, screenshot below,

    Kindly go through the documentation provided for the program CRMPCD_CREATE_CONNECTIVITY_SIM.


    Shivanand B H

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  • Feb 28, 2018 at 01:50 PM

    Dear Shivanand,

    thanks for your response.

    we are able to execute the report now and generated initial settings, unfortunately there are few settings which are not generate automatically by the system like RFC destination generation, certain message types under the partner profile in we20 were not added by the report.

    Do you know if these settings can be transported or should we do it manually in all the systems?

    we also observed strange behavior for e.g. we have to activate this interface only unidirectional from CRM to C4C, we scoped in CRM in similar fashion didn't select any objects replication from C4C to CRM, still after report execution I can see inbound message types were generated under partner profile and outbound parameter were empty.

    we have manually created the outbound message type for our scenario but not sure if there could be something wrong.

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