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[Bug] The word [Caution] appearing in email notifications

Feb 09 at 08:21 PM


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Earlier today, email notifications began to go out with the word [Caution] appearing in the subject line.

We are not sure yet why this is occurring, and the emails themselves are otherwise fine. So the subject line is not really serving as any sort of warning.

We are working to resolve this issue.

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Hello Jerry,

I havn't seen this happened to me today?



Hmm...that's interesting. We've had a few people report the error. Maybe it's an isolated problem, but I'm still experiencing it. (When I got a notification that you responded, Yogesh, the word [Caution] was still in the subject line.)

But I'm glad that it isn't affecting everyone.



Yes that is possible. For your reference this is what I have

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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Feb 09 at 08:26 PM

I think this is appropriate for the second example

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I'm tempted to accept this answer. :)


hehe, definitely deserves an upvote :)


Hi Jerry,

I also have Caution in the subject and the sender is weird too (only on mobile. In desktop version the sender is SAP Community)




This might be something to do with SAP employees only ???

Lets check what about external users?


That might be the case. Jeremy Good is also reporting the problem but no one outside the company has reported the problem to me.



That is a good thought Yogesh Patel - I have also seen a recent increase with internal emails about SPAM quarantine emails, and although I can't find a specific example, I did notice differences with iPhone and Outlook on my laptop. I was in a training class this week so most of emails were monitored on the phone, and I remember seeing some banners added towards the top related to newsletters/subscriptions, almost like IT may have amped up email filtering and screening of some sort. Jerry Janda - may be worth looking internally as well.

Jerry Janda
Feb 12 at 02:45 PM

The issue seems to be resolved. Still looking into what caused it.

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