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How can I reduce someones working hours in SAP from 40 hrs/week to 33 hrs/week

Feb 09 at 10:21 AM


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HR is telling me that they face issues because a person has reduced its working hours from 40 to 33 per week, and SAP gives them error that the person is missing hours. How could I change the hours from 40 to 33 in SAP (which transaction and how I can do that)

Thank you in advance

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Rémi Corriveau Feb 09 at 05:49 PM

Will the employee be considered "Part-time" or "Full-time" ?

In IT0007, you should be able to either reassign the employee on a 33 hour per week Work Schedule, or leave the employee on the current 40 hours per week Work Schedule and indicate the Employment % in field PA0007-EMPCT.

IT0008 also has an Employment % field.

As for the Error, does it happen in Time Evaluation or in Payroll Calculation?

In what Function or PCR does the Error happen?

Execute it again for that employee, but with the "Display log" box checked, and drill down into the log to find out why the Error happens.

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Former Member

Hi and thank you for your answer,

I tried to create new IT0007, since there was not old one.

I set the start date (01.01.2018) and end date (01.01.2019 - random date)

as well as i set the ' Daily working hours' and 'Weekly workdays'

but I recieve an error message that says

'No work schedule rule for key 3002 00DALY 20180101´

from the field 'work schedule rule'

do you have any idea how I cóuld fix that?

Thank you in Advance


In an IT0007, i you ask for the "Drop-down" list of Work Schedule Rules permitted for an employee, you should be able to see the ES Grouping for Work Schedules, the Holiday Calendar ID, the PS Grouping and the list of permissible Work Schedule Rules (as in the following example).

Using that information, your error message would then imply that on 20180101, the Work Schedule Rule DALY does not exist for ESG 30, Holiday Cal. ID 02 and PSG 00.

it0007-wsr.png (39.3 kB)