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Embedded Analytics - deployment of "custom" ABAP CDS query views

Feb 09 at 10:10 AM


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anybody with experience in deployment of Query Views, which are generated from ABAP CDS Views?

I have a customer request, where ABAP CDS annotations for query views are not expressive enough.

So I'd like to deploy "customized" query views (created in Analysis for Excel via "Save View"). I have no idea how or if I can transport these views. I found the persisted table entries via DB trace (TADIR, RSZWVIEW, RSZWOBJ, RSZWOBJTXT, RSPERS_BOD) but manually transporting these entries seems odd to me.

I also found the BEx Query Designer to create custom query views, but this tool seems a bit "old-fashioned" to me. Maybe anybody has experience with this tool and deployment?



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So do I understand you correctly, that you want to replace the DB views generated from ABAP CDS DDL source codes with your own views?



in Analysis for Office (Excel), you can customize a query view (hide/show fields, change between display of key and/or text display for fields) and then persist the customized query view (via "Save View") on a Netweaver Server. I'm interested in deploying/transporting these customized views.

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Stefan Boxleitner Feb 12 at 10:15 AM

I found the solution by myself. The tool of choice here is the "Data Warehousing Workbench" (transaction RSA1). Unter "Transport Connection", you can put these kinds of "customized" views into transport requests.

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Horst Keller
Feb 09 at 10:47 AM

ABAP CDS views are deployed via their DDL source code (transport object R3TR DDLS in TADIR) with the SAP transport tool and nothing else.

To my knowledge, everything else (metadata in system tables, database view in ABAP Dictionary, DB views) is generated from that source code during and after import.

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Thank you for your quick reply, but i want to transport/deploy some sort of customized query view (see comment section of question for details).