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How to increase login time out sessioin for dataservice management console

Feb 10 at 06:29 AM


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Login Session is getting expired after 5mins of opening management console.

Can some help me in increasing login time out session for Data services management console page.

Found below work around but still its not working.

The session timeout is set in the tomcat web server configuration. Default value is 20 minutes.

To modify this follow these steps

1. Go to<BI 4.0 Install folder>\SAPBusinessObjects\Tomcat6\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF folder

2. Openweb.xmlin Notepad and search for the following tag:



3. To modify to 60 minutes, change the value of <session-timeout> xml tag. This example increases the timeout up to 60 minutes.



4. Save the file andrestarttomcat

Need expertise suggestion in finding the exact solution to increase the timeout(login session timeout) for this management console page.


Sagar T

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1 Answer

Arun Sasi Feb 12 at 09:11 AM


Have you installed Data Services on BIP or IPS platform?

Kindly follow below SAP Note

1995260 - How to increase the Management Console timeout - Data Services


Arun Sasi

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Former Member

Hi Arun,

Can you help me with the link or the steps to be performed, Nothing is found with this 1995260 - How to increase the Management Console timeout - Data Services.


Sagar T



  • NOTE: This KB assumes you are using the Tomcat supplied by the DS installation.
  • To change the DS Mgmt Console timeout do the following:
  1. Stop Tomcat.
  2. Locate the web.xml in your Tomcat folder. For example:


  1. Backup your web.xml
  2. Using a simple text editor like Notepad (DO NOT USE WORDPAD) find the following section in your web.xml:

The 120 above represents the number of minutes before the login will timeout.

  1. Change this value to the desired number of minutes you would like the login to expire.
  2. Save the altered web.xml
  3. Delete the Data Services cache, located:

INSTALL_DIR\tomcat\work\Catalina\localhost\DataServices (delete this entire Data Services folder)

  1. Restart Tomcat.
  2. Test your new timeout.