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Assigned reference doesn't seem to be stable, it works then fails on refresh

Feb 09 at 08:25 PM


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I am trying to use assigned reference, but I find it problematic. It will work to start but upon refresh it loses its mind. it's pretty simple what I'm doing.

Sometimes it will work as expected upon refresh, but it often doesn't work and so I can't rely on it. I've tried a few work arounds to avoid using the assigned reference, but I end up twisted up like a pretzel that then falls apart.

Shouldn't it just work?

I assign the reference, and it's good. But then next time I open the report it has lost its reference ...In this screen shot, upon running the report it failed. I simply re-assigned the reference and it works. But I'll come back next week and it's lost its reference.

We are on BI 4.2 SP4.

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Sorry but how do you have assigned the reference? have you dragged the same variable again or something else.


I simply right click on the value displayed, then choose "Assign Reference". The reference being assigned must of course remain displayed.

then when it fails, I re-assign it to it's original reference, and all is well (for the time being, anyway)


Sorry i don't have BI 4.2 version to check.might be the issue with the BI version.Raise a ticket with SAP and see.


I will raise it with SAP Support. No on on BOB Forum had any insight either. SAP will try to replicate on eFashion, and that never seems to work for me.

Thanks for checking in!

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