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Plan visualization understanding

Feb 09 at 05:27 PM


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I know previously we are not able to find the references to understand completely what was shown in plan visualization by browsing lot of old threads that are 4 year old.

So we should somehow advanced on this by now.

Is there an expert out there who has this knowledge.

BTW, i did the HPI course, i will try to revise to get some pointers.



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And what is your concrete question here? I assume you have check the online documentation about the Plan Visualizer here, or didn't you?


My concrete question is "Is there a way understand most of the data that is shown in the plan visualization"

Are there any references so that i can understand the most out of the plan viz outcome.

In a classic thread Lars pointed the same thing that there is no concrete reference to understand plan viz completely.

Yes i read the reference link you posted, it doesn't contain the material to understand most of the plan viz outcome.

Currently i am trying to analyse a query which is taking more memory and time with filter than without filter.

This content would help my analysis.

Feel free to post more question you had. I will try my best :)



What is the question?

Looking at PlanViz is challenging, but clear enough to understand basics (what engines are working, filters push down etc.).



basic things I can understand as well, but it doesn't help my situation.

My question is simple.

to understand what is shown in plan Viz tool in detail. why is it behaving in a certain way.

For example.(this is only one case. there could be multiple cases)

Sometimes the DB behaves unexpectedly.

In my case "a query which is taking more memory and time with filter than without filter" (checked the same filter directly on table, it is fast)

By this plan viz I need to tell myself why is it behaving like that and come up with a solution.

Usually we have documentation to understand. But I couldn't find any concrete reference for this.


I do agree PlanViz is poorly documented tool , don't know if it is intentional or unintentional. Whatever knowledge is available is through Q&A available from SCN. I also faced issue where i am analyzing one Executed plan and found HANA System processing more than the number of records available in tables , i am unable to get why this is happened.No clarity on what are those Operators , in which scenario is this utilized.


I doubt any non-SAP employee knows about those(better if he know-please share). May be an SAP employee can help us here.

Please help us SAP...

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