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Integration Framework - B1i UDT - Cannot receive UDT event through Event Sender

Feb 09 at 11:52 AM


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Hi all,

i'm working with this enviroment configuration:

  • SAP B1 9.2 PL08
  • B1iSN (but i even tried with B1F)
  • SQL Server 2012


  • I have two SAP B1 companies
  • I have a regular Code/Name UDT in company A
  • I have a regular Code/Name UDT in company


I want to get "Add/Update" events of this UDT form company "A" and send them to the integration framework to precess against company "B". My goal is to keep those two tables aligned


  • Event Sender is setted up according to scope specifications, admitting my UDT object, so the value is "-3 @MyTable" (value syntax is "-3[TAB_charcter]@[TableName]").
  • Inbound channel is setted up as B1 with the object ID identical as the one specified in Event Sender or by B1 in the SEVT table


  • When adding/updating this table, B1 business logic correctly provide a new record in SBO-COMMON SEVT table where object id is setted as expected ("-3 @MyTable")
  • This new record is consumed by the EventSender and get cancelled from SEVT
  • We expected to receive this message in B1i monitoring module

Actual result:

  • no message is shown in "Message Log" page
  • no message is shown in "Process Control" page
  • no queue in "Queue Monitor"


I've done plenty of tests and read different posts on this topic by could not achieve this goal. Could not find any documentation on this topic in B1i.

May I use some form in B1i or table in IFSERV database, or EventSender log to verify if this message has been sent to B1i after being consumed from SEVT table?

Do you have any suggestions?



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1 Answer

Nicolas Fuchs
Feb 15 at 01:58 PM

Hi Stefano,
to see the events in the message log you need to have active scenario subscribed to this incoming event. In the inbound definition of the scenario step you add the identifier as described in your question. After the selection of a valid B1 database and activation of the scenario package in the setup you should be able to see the result in the message log. Please consider that for the data retrieval of a UDT you need to define a SQL query because there is no DI object available for this. If you want to use a DI service object you can also register the table as an UDO and use the "General Service" as DI Service object handling all data retrieval.

Regards, Nicolas

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