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dimensions with null measures disappear when pasting a smart copy in AFO

Feb 09 at 11:31 AM


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Hi experts,

I am currently experiencing an issue where a user is using smart copy/paste, and the data contains dimension values with corresponding measures containing only null.

When the user initially connects to the query all the dimension values are shown. However when the sheet is filtered for the measure containing null values for some dimension values, AND the user chooses smart copy and smart pastes on a new sheet, the dimension values with corresponding null measure values are not shown. These can be found again by reselecting all measures, pressing ok, and refiltering for the previous mentioned measure.

Is there any explanation for this behaviour? Yes I know that a workaround could be to create a formula and add 0 to the keyfigure in the BEx query, but I am also interested in the reason for the behaviour, in order to explain it :)

Best regards


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Tammy Powlas
Feb 09 at 11:39 AM

I think it is the difference in the BICS vs ABAP behavior; there is a related idea in old Idea Place to address nulls with Analysis Office:

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Hi Tammy,

The idea described in your link, I guess is another way of doing the workaround I wrote about in my original post? I terms of BICS vs ABAP, are you suggesting that the smart copy initiates the query differently? Or have I misunderstood you?

Best Regards



Yes on the first; and on the latter I am simply guessing. There are some SAP Notes about Analysis Office and null behavior, relating back to BICS, so I am simply guessing that's impacting the smart copy.