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alv report

hi experts,

i am doing one report for this i have get top-of-page.

i am using below code:

FORM dispaly_data .

*data: g_repid type sy-repid.

  • g_repid = sy-repid.

CLEAR wa_layout.

wa_layout-zebra = 'X'.

  • wa_layout-colwidth_optimize = 'X'.

CLEAR wa_events.

  • Call the grid function module



i_callback_program = sy-repid

is_layout = wa_layout

it_fieldcat = it_fieldcat


  • IT_SORT =

i_default = 'X'

i_save = 'A'

i_callback_html_top_of_page = 'SUB_TOP_OF_PAGE'

i_html_height_top = 8

is_variant = g_variant



t_outtab = it_final[]


program_error = 1


IF sy-subrc <> 0.

  • MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno

  • WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.

ENDIF. " IF sy-subrc <> 0

ENDFORM. " dispaly_data


*& Form sub_top_of_page


  • text


  • -->TOP text


FORM sub_top_of_page USING top TYPE REF TO cl_dd_document .

*& Align output text column

CALL METHOD top->add_gap


width = 180.

  • Write text

CALL METHOD top->add_text


text = text-028

sap_style = 'HEADING'.

  • Add new-line

CALL METHOD top->new_line.

but in the output i am not getting heding of report .

pl, correct if any mistake of coding.

reward points.


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Jun 19, 2008 at 09:28 AM


    check this sample report to get top of page.

    report ZMAT.

    • Data Types

    type-pools: slis.

    types: begin of tp_data,

    matnr like mara-matnr,

    mtart like mara-mtart,

    mbrsh like mara-mbrsh,

    matkl like mara-matkl,

    meins like mara-meins,

    spras like makt-spras,

    maktx like makt-maktx,

    end of tp_data,

    tp_tbl_data type standard table of tp_data.


    • Constants



    • Data objects (variable declarations and definitions)


    • Report data to be shown.

    data: it_data type standard table of tp_data.

    • Heading of the report.

    data: t_heading type slis_t_listheader.

    ========================== Selection Screen ==========================

    selection-screen: begin of block b1 with frame title text-t01.

    DATA: w_aux_matnr like mara-matnr.

    SELECT-OPTIONS s_matnr for w_aux_matnr .

    DATA: w_aux_ersda like mara-ersda.

    SELECT-OPTIONS s_ersda for w_aux_ersda .

    DATA: w_aux_mtart like mara-mtart.

    SELECT-OPTIONS s_mtart for w_aux_mtart .

    *DATA: w_aux_matnr like makt-matnr.

    *SELECT-OPTIONS s_matnr for w_aux_matnr .

    DATA: w_aux_spras like makt-spras.

    SELECT-OPTIONS s_spras for w_aux_spras .

    selection-screen: end of block b1.

    =========================== Event Blocks =============================

    at selection-screen.


    perform get_data using it_data.


    perform build_alv using it_data t_heading.

    =========================== Subroutines ==============================


    *& Form get_data


    • Gets the information to be shown in the report.


    form get_data using t_data type tp_tbl_data.

    SELECT k~spras








    FROM mara as m

    inner join makt as k on mmatnr = kmatnr

    WHERE m~matnr in s_matnr

    AND m~ersda in s_ersda

    AND m~mtart in s_mtart

    AND k~matnr in s_matnr

    AND k~spras in s_spras


    endform. " get_data


    *& Form build_alv


    • Builds and display the ALV Grid.


    form build_alv using t_data type tp_tbl_data

    t_heading type slis_t_listheader.

    • ALV required data objects.

    data: w_title type lvc_title,

    w_comm type slis_formname,

    w_status type slis_formname,

    x_layout type slis_layout_alv,

    t_event type slis_t_event,

    t_fieldcat type slis_t_fieldcat_alv,

    t_sort type slis_t_sortinfo_alv.

    refresh t_fieldcat.

    refresh t_event.

    refresh t_sort.

    clear x_layout.

    clear w_title.

    • Field Catalog

    perform set_fieldcat2 using:

    1 'SPRAS' 'SPRAS' 'MAKT' space space space space space space space space

    space space space space t_fieldcat ,

    2 'MATNR' 'MATNR' 'MARA' space space space space space space space space

    space space space space t_fieldcat ,

    3 'MTART' 'MTART' 'MARA' space space space space space space space space

    space space space space t_fieldcat ,

    4 'MBRSH' 'MBRSH' 'MARA' space space space space space space space space

    space space space space t_fieldcat ,

    5 'MATKL' 'MATKL' 'MARA' space space space space space space space space

    space space space space t_fieldcat ,

    6 'MEINS' 'MEINS' 'MARA' space space space space space space space space

    space space space space t_fieldcat ,

    7 'MAKTX' 'MAKTX' 'MAKT' space space space space space space space space

    space space space space t_fieldcat .

    • Layout

    x_layout-zebra = 'X'.

    • Top of page heading

    perform set_top_page_heading using t_heading t_event.

    • Events

    perform set_events using t_event.

    • GUI Status

    w_status = ''.

    • User commands

    w_comm = 'USER_COMMAND'.

    • Order

    • Example

    • PERFORM set_order USING '<field>' 'IT_DATA' 'X' space space t_sort.

    • Displays the ALV grid

    call function 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY'


    i_callback_program = sy-repid

    it_fieldcat = t_fieldcat

    is_layout = x_layout

    it_sort = t_sort

    i_callback_pf_status_set = w_status

    i_callback_user_command = w_comm

    i_save = 'X'

    it_events = t_event

    i_grid_title = w_title


    t_outtab = t_data


    program_error = 1

    others = 2.

    if sy-subrc <> 0.

    message id sy-msgid type sy-msgty number sy-msgno

    with sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.


    endform. " build_alv.


    *& Form set_top_page_heading


    • Creates the report headings.


    form set_top_page_heading using t_heading type slis_t_listheader

    t_events type slis_t_event.

    data: x_heading type slis_listheader,

    x_event type line of slis_t_event.

    • Report title

    clear t_heading[].

    clear x_heading.

    x_heading-typ = 'H'.

    x_heading-info = 'Material Info'(001).

    append x_heading to t_heading.

    • Program name

    clear x_heading.

    x_heading-typ = 'S'.

    x_heading-key = 'Program: '.

    x_heading-info = sy-repid.

    append x_heading to t_heading.

    • User who is running the report

    clear x_heading.

    x_heading-typ = 'S'.

    x_heading-key = 'User: '.

    x_heading-info = sy-uname.

    append x_heading to t_heading.

    • Date of execution

    clear x_heading.

    x_heading-typ = 'S'.

    x_heading-key = 'Date: '.

    write sy-datum to x_heading-info.

    append x_heading to t_heading.

    • Time of execution

    clear x_heading.

    x_heading-typ = 'S'.

    x_heading-key = 'Time: '.

    write sy-uzeit to x_heading-info.

    append x_heading to t_heading.

    • Top of page event

    x_event-name = slis_ev_top_of_page.

    x_event-form = 'TOP_OF_PAGE'.

    append x_event to t_events.



    *& Form set_events


    • Sets the events for ALV.

    • The TOP_OF_PAGE event is alredy being registered in

    • the set_top_page_heading subroutine.


    form set_events using t_events type slis_t_event.

    data: x_event type line of slis_t_event.


    • Example

    • -------

    • clear x_event.

    • x_event-name = .

    • x_event-form = .

    • append x_event to t_event.




    *& Form set_order


    • Adds an entry to the order table.


    FORM set_order USING p_fieldname p_tabname p_up p_down p_subtot

    t_sort TYPE slis_t_sortinfo_alv.

    DATA: x_sort TYPE slis_sortinfo_alv.

    CLEAR x_sort.

    x_sort-fieldname = p_fieldname.

    x_sort-tabname = p_tabname.

    x_sort-up = p_up.

    x_sort-down = p_down.

    x_sort-subtot = p_subtot.

    APPEND x_sort TO t_sort.

    ENDFORM. "set_order


    *& Form set_fieldcat2


    • Adds an entry to the field catalog.


    FORM set_fieldcat2 USING p_colpos p_fieldname p_ref_fieldname


    p_outputlen p_noout

    p_seltext_m p_seltext_l p_seltext_s p_reptext_ddic p_ddictxt

    p_hotspot p_showasicon p_checkbox p_edit


    t_fieldcat TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv.

    DATA: wa_fieldcat TYPE slis_fieldcat_alv.

    CLEAR wa_fieldcat.

    • General settings

    wa_fieldcat-fieldname = p_fieldname.

    wa_fieldcat-col_pos = p_colpos.

    wa_fieldcat-no_out = p_noout.

    wa_fieldcat-hotspot = p_hotspot.

    wa_fieldcat-checkbox = p_checkbox.

    wa_fieldcat-icon = p_showasicon.

    wa_fieldcat-do_sum = p_dosum.

    • Set reference fieldname, tablenam and rollname.

    • If p_ref_tabname is not given, the ref_fieldname given is a data


    • If p_ref_tabname is given, the ref_fieldname given is a field of a

    *table. In case ref_fieldname is not given, it is copied from the


    IF p_ref_tabname IS INITIAL.

    wa_fieldcat-rollname = p_ref_fieldname.


    wa_fieldcat-ref_tabname = p_ref_tabname.

    IF p_ref_fieldname EQ space.

    wa_fieldcat-ref_fieldname = wa_fieldcat-fieldname.


    wa_fieldcat-ref_fieldname = p_ref_fieldname.



    • Set output length.

    IF NOT p_outputlen IS INITIAL.

    wa_fieldcat-outputlen = p_outputlen.


    • Set text headers.

    IF NOT p_seltext_m IS INITIAL.

    wa_fieldcat-seltext_m = p_seltext_m.


    IF NOT p_seltext_l IS INITIAL.

    wa_fieldcat-seltext_l = p_seltext_l.


    IF NOT p_seltext_s IS INITIAL.

    wa_fieldcat-seltext_s = p_seltext_s.


    IF NOT p_reptext_ddic IS INITIAL.

    wa_fieldcat-reptext_ddic = p_reptext_ddic.


    IF NOT p_ddictxt IS INITIAL.

    wa_fieldcat-ddictxt = p_ddictxt.


    • Set as editable or not.

    IF p_edit IS NOT INITIAL.

    wa_fieldcat-input = 'X'.

    wa_fieldcat-edit = 'X'.


    APPEND wa_fieldcat TO t_fieldcat.

    ENDFORM. "set_fieldcat2

    =========================== Subroutines called by ALV ================


    *& Form top_of_page


    • Called on top_of_page ALV event.

    • Prints the heading.


    form top_of_page.

    call function 'REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE'


    • i_logo = 'XXXXX'

    it_list_commentary = t_heading.

    endform. " alv_top_of_page


    *& Form user_command


    • Called on user_command ALV event.

    • Executes custom commands.


    form user_command using r_ucomm like sy-ucomm

    rs_selfield type slis_selfield.


    • Example Code


    • Executes a command considering the sy-ucomm.

    • CASE r_ucomm.

    • WHEN '&IC1'.


    • Set your "double click action" response here.


    • Example code: Create and display a status message.

    • DATA: w_msg TYPE string,

    • w_row(4) TYPE n.

    • w_row = rs_selfield-tabindex.

    • CONCATENATE 'You have clicked row' w_row

    • 'field' rs_selfield-fieldname

    • 'with value' rs_selfield-value

    • INTO w_msg SEPARATED BY space.

    • MESSAGE w_msg TYPE 'S'.


    • ENDCASE.


    • End of example code.


    endform. "user_command

    reward points if hlpful.

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