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Jun 19, 2008 at 09:00 AM

OKK4 - Valuation Variant definition for Product Cost Estimate


Hello all,

with OKK4 tcode I can define (for "valuation variant")

Valuation strategy for material component. It's Strategy sequence that determines the valuation of the materials used in the cost estimate.


Assume that the following strategy sequence is entered for material valuation:

1. Planned price 1

2. Standard price


This information is moved into TCK05 table: Every strategy is associated to one character.

Now, my question is: how I can know what field of MBEW table is selected for every element strategy defined?

I.e. In my case I have in OKK4 two value:

Priority 1 : Valuation price 1 based on commercial law.

Priority 2 : Valuation price according to price control in mat. master

For first field I suppose is MBEW-BWPRH (similar description), but other field?

Thanks so much in advance for help.