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Jun 19, 2008 at 06:19 AM

why dont SAP device a fullproff mehthod for authorization


why dont SAP device a mehthod that can make taking the authorization object and related field value easy.

Useing trace and debuggers are not ment for this purpose . These are just work around.

It is very tedious seaching all object related to tcode in Tx su24.

Using all this work around done not garentee 100 % results .

Also SAP has very little litrature FREELY available for implementing authorizations ( articles , blogs , documents, notes, how-to ).

TADM940 , TADM950 gives a technical info on the authorization system SAP has developed and how it works.

One more apportunity SAP had to help this cause was solution manager . Using BBPs it could be very easy for system to generate the autorization matrix and related implementation activies.

SAP did not take it up.

There is no such tool that can help in all task for implementing authorization. I am not aware of any 3rd party tools but I am sure there ll be many tools developed to take advantage of this situation.


Moderator: I had to ask this as a seperate Question to know if I share the same views on the authorization as others .