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Hana - BSEG Partitioning


My BSEG on hana 1.0 has almost 1.5 billions of rows. I see several Alert id 19 for this table in hana Studio.

I see the Delta Merge is becoming difficult, in SYS.M_CS_TABLES we see the last Delta MErge is from some day ago, and also MERGE_COUNT is very low .

I read notes 1909742, 2490281, 1999997, 2057046.

I'm thinking to partition this table to reduce the memory footprint and make the Delta Merge more easy.

This is a BW system, where the BSEG table has been Loaded and put in Replication status via SLT. Due to the Replication process the table is growing quite quickly.

The BSEG is not accessed from financial businnes transactions, but is used only to supply data to the BW infocubes in another Hana schema on the same database.

So the final BW reports are just reading data from the infocubes, not from the BSEG table.

According note 2289491 the BSEG should be partitioned using RANGE on BUKRS or HASH on BELNR only.

But I understood this is the case when the BSEG is accessed directly for financial businnes transaction, am I in right ?

Since my goal is to make just the Delta Merge more easy, I was thinking to use HASH on all the columns Keys like :


In this way I should get three pieces with about 500 mln rows each.

Since all the Columns Key are used I do not expect problems with the reports that actually are supplying data to the infocubes; they should continue to access the several partitions in the same way they access the original table in this moment

Please suggest


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