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Oct 25, 2016 at 08:20 PM

EWA problems in Solman 7.1 Two managed systems with same SID and Installation Number



From some weeks ago, an upgrade project started in our installation where a Sandbox system was created from the PRD system. Since this sandbox system was connected to Solman SLD, our EWA reports are getting affected because mixed information from the "normal" PRD system and the sandbox PRD are getting in the report, things like DB system for sandbox is getting in the report for the normal PRD.

Some time ago I found a SAP Note (1257308 - FAQ: Using EarlyWatch Alert) where they inform that two systems with same SID and Installation number connected to the same Solman are going to present this mix in the EWA reports and gives some instructions to correct the problem.

The thing is that even after following the SAP instructions to workaround the mix, every time I try to create an AdHoc EWA report for the "normal" PRD system, the session is created at the Solman system but after a refresh session in the "normal" PRD, the session does not show so I'm unable to process it.

But the most extrange part is that after a day, the session I created in Solman appears as a processed EWA report with the mixed information but nor in "normal" PRD either in sandbox PRD exists a log for this session!

Now that I explained all this my question is, do any of you have idea in what do I have to do to force the sessions to get directed to the real PRD so the session will run only there?

Best regards,