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Former Member
Jun 18, 2008 at 02:49 PM

Options for PO price changes for ERS items



We have an automated price update proceedure that is used to update PO prices. By using an automated process we do not get the warnings that the PO price is way too high/low. Because ERS does not have a 3-way match process we have on occassion overpaid suppliers because the price UOM was incorrectly changed from 1000 to 1.

We would like to catch these errors before the GR is done or at least before the ERS settlement is done.

Would it be possible for ERS PO/SA items only:

1) put these items under a release strategy so if the price is too high it has to be "released" before it can be used?

2) build a work flow process that will take these questionable items and forward to the correct person to confirm?

Thanks for your input.