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Error during run-test in HANA SDS

Hi Experts,
Created a demo in SDS on HANA Developer Edition SPS 11(version- (fa/newdb100_rel)) running on Azure.
Compilation completed successfully and getting Cluster error while running the project.

Cluster error: Server error( Failure: Application is not stopped)(CODE:710068)

Please find the attached error screen shot.

run-test-error3.png (103.4 kB)
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3 Answers

  • Oct 27, 2016 at 11:45 PM

    Hi Deva,

    This blog post Smart Data Streaming – FAQ has instructions on "How do I access diagnosis files for more details on an error?". The log, trace and output files will give you more detail on the specific error the project is running into.

    From what I can see in your screenshot, there is a good chance that you haven't specified the ports for the project to run on. Since you are working with a cloud based server on Azure, the full range of TCP/IP ports won't be open on the server. By default SDS dynamically allocates ports for a project at start up from the pool of available IP ports on the server. However with the a cloud server you will want to explicitly specify which ports to use and ensure that those ports match the open ports on the VM. Instructions on doing this are included in the blog posts Using HANA Smart Data Streaming with the HANA Developer Edition and Specifying the Command Port to be used by a Smart Data Streaming Project.



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  • Oct 31, 2016 at 05:35 PM


    Thanks Rob for reply.

    I checked the IP ports on the server and all ports are open and also specified the ports in the streaming server as per your documents.

    Please find the attached screen shot from the system on the port configuration.

    I went thru the log files but I didn't get ant clue on the issue.

    Appreciate if you could have a look at the attached log, trace & output file.

    The project is inactive for some reasons.

    System Alerts: The status of project managed adapter (default/sds_poc1/HANA_Output1) has been inactive for 434460 seconds.
    The status of streaming project (new/sds_poc1) has been inactive for 264660 seconds.

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    • I'm not sure which log file you took that snippet from, but given the references to port 30015 it doesn't look it was an SDS log. The SDS specific logs are all prefixed with "streamingserver..." and the project specific log files have the format "streamingserver~<workspace>.<project_name>...".

      If you want something quick to try, a couple of options are:

      1) From the Run-Test perspective, try right-clicking on the project and choosing "Remove Project".

      If that works, you can try recompiling & redeploying the project. If redeploying the project doesn't work, then you can take another look at the log files.

      If you can't remove the project then you can try:

      2) Stopping and restarting the HANA system using HDB stop/HDB start from the Linux command line when connected as the "<sid>adm" which should be "ha0adm" for the Dev Edition. This will force the project to shut down. After restarting the system you will then be able to remove and recompile/redeploy the project.

      That said, I notice that you are still working with your "sds_poc2" project. If you haven't completed the Freezer Monitoring tutorial yet, then I would recommend that you take time to work through that tutorial as it will cover the steps and features that you are currently trying to use and may help identify something that you are missing. It would also give us a common project to work with that the SDS team has already tested and we will be in a better position to figure out where something might go wrong.

  • Nov 04, 2016 at 07:44 PM

    Thanks Rob.

    I tried stopping and restarting the HANA system and it fixed the issue.

    Thanks again for your help.



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