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ssfs-1400 cannot be opened in mode "rb"

More from the error - Connect to R/3 failed. USERID and/or PASSWD could not be retrieved from SSFS I am trying to set up an ASE database on Solution Manager 7.2 on a Windows 10 server. The SM 7.2 went really smoothly but the ASE is making up for it. The error message came from the R3trans trans.log - R3trans itself displays no connect possible: "DBMS = SYBASE --- " and then the (0012) return code. After many days I finally got the "error in license check" today which I initially celebrated until I got the "The license key library has not been initialized yet". The license key error got me into R3trans and I have been fixing things and re-running until I ran into this. Any little scrap of help would be very appreciated, Thank You, Jim Wells - Menasha Corp

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