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Jun 18, 2008 at 12:07 PM

Item.column.row ?



I just have a simple question regarding the notation $[$item.column.row] in Formatted Searches

When working with singular data fields such as Business Partner name or number e.g $[$34.3.0] will suffice.

However, when I work with a table/grid the third number which supposedly represents the row number doesn't seem to work. Regardless if I write $[$34.3.3] or $[$34.3.1] or $[$34.3.0] only the very first row of the table is selected. Why is this?

I have seen posts on this forum that suggest that the coordinate is to indicate row, but I can't seem this to work. Am I the one being stupid? or is the third number used for something else aside from the row?

Help would be very much appreciated.