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Former Member
Jun 18, 2008 at 09:58 AM

I need to Hide a sub report, but still execute it!?


I have a report which im working on:

In it is a sub-report which has a couple of shared variables which pass to the main report -

What I am having difficulty doing now is that I dont want to display the sub-report, I want it hidden from view.

If I hide or Suppress the section it's in (Group header 2) then it seems like it doesnt even execute it, i.e. the shared variables it passes back to the main report are all set to 0.

The only other thing I tried was to make the sub report as small as possible, and shrink the section down around it, but this is not suitable as I will still sometimes get 1-2 pages of blank pages in the report, due to the rest of the sections (details etc) being suppressed.

Any ideas how to go about it?