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Create a new Query for account balance

Feb 09 at 08:48 AM


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I have a problem with COA account balance.
My Cumulative Balance (FC) displays data ****
so I decided to create a new query using Query Generator similar to account balance.

and I want to ask, where I can get OB (Opening Balance) to calculate Cumulative Balance (LC), Cumulative Balance (SC) and Cumulative Balance (FC)

is it possible?

Thanks for the time and cooperation

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Johan Hakkesteegt Feb 13 at 08:36 AM

Hi Norman,

As mll md mentioned, you see the stars because the mechanism of the system report's column total is really only a sum of all figures in the column. As the FC column can hold many different currencies, it cannot show a reliable total.

So you are on the right track. You need to write a query. There are two things to note:

1. The opening balance you see in the system report, is not a value stored anywhere, it is a calculated number. That means that you will have to "double" your query. In pseudo sql code you will have to do this:

SELECT SUM(SomeValue) AS OpeningBalance 
FROM SomeTable 
WHERE DateField Between @BeginningOfTimes AND @TheDayBeforeYourStartingDateParameter
SELECT SUM(SomeValue) AS Balance 
FROM SomeTable 
WHERE DateField Between @YourStartingDateParameter AND @YourEndingDateParameter

2. As the field values are in different currencies, you will have to be careful to include the ORTT table, and convert each sum to a common currency (probably system currency?), before you add them together. So again in pseudo sql code:

SELECT SUM(SomeValue * RateForTheGivenCurrency) AS Balance



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I H Feb 12 at 08:20 AM

Dear Norman,

it display ***** because the balance involved more than two currency.

I think you cannot query direct from any table, but have to create mathematical formula to calculate the cumulative balance.

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Dear mll md,

thanks for the answer.
sorry, but i can't understand where i can create mathematical formula on SAP?
should i create a new Query?

thank you :)