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sap Gui 4.7 issues

Feb 09 at 12:36 AM


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I am having the following error messages whilst installing SAP GUI 4.7 on windows 10

sapfewuimg.dll is missing

sapfewcb.dll is missing

saplgmgr_proxy.dll is missing

landscape_migration.dll is missing

Please advise

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Hi Simerjit,

Thank you for your question. You'll notice that I have removed the tag "Logging for SAP GUI for Windows" as this is about a different topic. Your question is only about the actual SAP GUI, not the logging function, so that tag remained.

You should, however, improve your question. At what stage are these messages appearing? What method are you using for installation? Is this from an Installation Server, or directly from downloaded files? What version of SAPSetup are you using? What patch level?

And do you really mean GUI 4.7? Or did you mean 7.40? Accuracy is important here, as both versions existed at one time or another, but one is still supported while the other is extremely old and hasn't been supported for many years.

What troubleshooting have you already done, and what were the results? What Notes or other Community threads have you looked at during your searches for existing answers?

Please have a read through and -- they will help you to formulate questions that actually help people to answer you.

Matt Fraser
SAP Community Moderator

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1 Answer

Jude Bradley
Feb 09 at 06:01 PM

Dear MrKalra,

I hope you mean SAPgui 7.40!

Did you run as administrator?

Please upload the result of nwcheckworkstation for analysis.

Regards, Jude

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