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Vendor is locked for organizational unit

Hi all.

SRM 4.0, server 5.0, backend ECC 6.0.

I have a situation where a purchase order is blocked because of

Vendor 0000012481 is locked for organizational unit LEGO Brand Retail Inc. LOCAL

Strange thing is, though, that in the BP of the vendor in SRM there is no block, and nor in the backend. This error was not encountered in the creation of the shopping cart, so the purchase order is now stuck in SRM because of this lock.

Any idea as to how I can remove this block from the PO - or the vendor master BP, where everything is okay?

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3 Answers

  • Jun 18, 2008 at 07:00 AM

    Hello Dennis,

    Are your sure using web transaction "Manage Business Partner", you have no lock flag set for this vendor on the concerned Purchasing Organization ?

    And in R/3 too ?

    If no, look for the where-used of this error message to know what is checked in SRM.



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  • Jun 18, 2008 at 07:02 AM

    Please check BUT000 - FIELD XBLCK


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    • Source SDN :- This may be related link

      please see this link ....

      Re: vendor zxxx is locked for organizational unit XXX

      Posted: Jan 16, 2008 9:18 AM in response to: Mohammed Sameer E-mail this message Reply


      Transaction PPOCV_BBP to maintain the Org Plan - Vendor root.. You also need to create an org unit in PPOMA_BBP and check it as the purchasing org.


      Please ensure that only single SAP session will opened for BBPGETVD transaction, (and not the PPOMA_BBP transaction in change mode) while doing SC Shop process / Vendor replication...

      The transfer is launched in an update task, check if it is not blocked. Also check SLG1 for log messages.


      Could you please confirm the following points ->

      1- In ECC, vendors are defined for the purchasing organization you used in PPOMA_BBP

      2- In SRM , in transaction BBPMAININT, your vendors are defined in the purchazing organization defined in PPOMA_BBP

      -> BBPMAININT -> then go to vendor tab and check the Porg and related backend mapping destination.

      3- In SRM, in PPOMA_BBP, please confirm that your Pgroup and Porg are defined with the correct logical backend system.

      4- In PPOMA_BBP, please confirm that you dont have more than one Porg pointing to the same product category you are using when creating your SC.(product responsability tab) else the system is picking the "nearest" one...

      5- In "define backend system for product category", please confirm that your backend system is the one define in PPOMA_BBP

      6- While creating your SC, please confirm before saving it, that the Porg and Pgroup are the one inherited from the PPOMA_BBP

      Incase this does not help, please delete the Vendor and try again..

      For deletion flag setting for EBP vendor,see the foll note:

      Note 673331 - Deletion indicator in purchasing data record of R/3 vendor

      Also if you no longer need to use the vendor in SRM,then you can delete the vendor from SRM system using the trasncn "Manage Business Partners"

      OR Run the FM "BUP_BUPA_DELETE" by giving the BP no and uncheck the checkbox for TEST run while running this FM.Also before running this FM,mark the archiving flag for the BP of that vendor in the trasn "BP".


      Related pointers ->


      Do let me now.



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    Jun 19, 2008 at 01:30 PM

    Hi Dennis,

    Can you check note 1035481?



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Dennis in the post above you mentioned "I removed the block from the vendor BP of the organization that was not in the SC, and this resolved the issue. "

      How did you remove the block on that BP of that particular Organisation?