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Jun 18, 2008 at 06:38 AM

Change Tracker via Web Pane not working (when using multiple DF fields)



We are using MDM 5.5 SP06, version

I have configured the Change Tracker so that I can use it in the Data Manager Web pane. I also set the configuration options of the Data Manager for the "Web Pane URL for selected records" to this link, so everything should work fine (it is working for another reporistory with just one DF field in the main table).

The main table (for which I want to track the changes on) has two DF fields. The first DF field of the main table is a look-up field (where the look-up table itself has two DF fields as well) and the second DF field of the main table is just a text field.

The URL link to the Change Tracker makes use of the parameter: searchrecord=<f:n>, as described in the reference guide for MDM Console.

When I select a record in the Record pane in the Data Manager and go to the Web Pane, then the Change Tracker is showing, but the change history for that record is not shown in the Change Tracker!!

This is caused by the fact that the records in the History table are stored with the following information in the "record" field (example): 113786=1000010 - Enfa B.V, 100075. Appearantly this is a combination of the two DF fields of the main table, and because the first DF field is a look-up it shows the values of the DF fields of the look-up table as well (including the ID of that look-up record)!!

I tried the following in the URL link: searchrecord=<f:n>,<f:n2>, but then the Change Tracker receives the following value (which is an invalid value): 1000010, Enfa B.V, 100075

How can I configure the URL link in the Console in such a way that the Change Tracker recognizes the searchrecord parameter as a valid entry (because when you start Change Tracker in separate browser it expects value of e.g. 113786=1000010 - Enfa B.V, 100075 in the "record" search field, otherwise it does not find any records).

Or do I need to change the DF fields and make an MDM-ID field to be the only DF field, and use that field in the searchrecord=<f:n> parameter???

Has anyone any experiences with this? Any suggestions how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance,