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How to move Agentry loop over collection to Java code?


I have successfully move loop from Agentry to Java following steps on , it works on my testing environment, but on environment where are more users it crash with Communication error 14. Actually there are 2 loops, because object in first loop can contain list of other objects.

Do you have similar issue? Can be problem in calling method _user.getString(...)? Or can be problem calling static method from same class?

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  • Can you please provide more detail as you seem to be mixing questions.

    An error 14 occurs when a client cannot reach a server, meaning you would not be triggering any kind of looping in your Java code.

    Please also provide more details about what is or is not working as the questions you refer to are not clear enough for someone to provide appropriate answers.

  • I don't get error 14 on start of transmit, but after calling transaction, which use the Java class with loop. So questions are, if something from this can cause error 14. And also not all users get this error.

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  • Feb 09, 2018 at 03:21 PM

    Hi Jakub -

    Is your JVM crashing? Did you check for contentions/collision as far as multiple users accessing at the same time? Perhaps you are running into an infinite loop...

    I would also suggest checking out this Guided Answer on Troubleshooting Error 14 issues for additional information:



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    • Hi Ray,

      I don't see if JVM is crashing in log files. I've tried infinite loop on development environment, but I got different error message. As I understand there is different instance of my class for every user, so there shouldn't be collision between users. But I have static method in my class, so I want to know if it can be problem.