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Jun 18, 2008 at 02:22 AM

Order and Reserve Invoice in Pick and Pack Manager


Here's a scenario that just came up. Please let me know if you know any way to deal with it.

1. A customer calls and places an order for pick-up the next day. He is told that he will need to pay for the items when he picks them up. The order is entered into Business One.

2. The order appears in the Pick and Pack Manager. It is released for picking and assigned to a pick ticket. The items are picked and set aside, and the pick ticket is marked as picked. It appears in the Picked drawer in the Pick and Pack manager.

3. The customer calls back to give a credit card number for the payment. A clerk opens the sales order and copies it to a Reserve Invoice, using the Payment Means icon to enter the credit card payment.

4. Creating the Reserve Invoice causes the Sales Order to be closed. The pick ticket is closed and disappears from the Pick and Pack Manager. The items on the Reserve Invoice then appear in the Open drawer in the Pick and Pack Manager. The items are picked a second time.

Is there any way to prevent the pick ticket from being closed or the Reserve Invoice from appearing in the Pick and Pack Manager?