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Jun 17, 2008 at 11:29 PM

Using a total of a CKF in another CKF


Hi BI Developers,

I am trying to create a Weighted Forecast Accuracy report using BEx and have encountered some issues.

Here's the situation:

1) I have a local formula for Forecast Accuracy in the structure (1-Error). This works fine.

2) I have a local formula for the Forecast Weighting based off the forecast. This works fine.

3) Then I have a formula for the Weighted Forecast Accuracy which multiplies the Forecast Accuracy by the weight. This works fine.

Here's the next requirement:

4) Take the subtotals of the Weighted Forecast Accuracy and use them in another CKF/formula that weights on another factor.

My issue:

Whenever I create another formula/CKF that tries to use the SUMCT of the Weighted Forecast Accuracy, BEx is not reading the subtotal correctly. I also tried to create a local formula within the workbook in Analyzer to see if it would read the subtotal of the Weighted Forecast Accuracy. This does not work either.

The only way I can get the calculation to work correctly is using Excel functionality. This does not work as a viable solution because navigation will overwrite the Excel formula.

Do any of you have a solution that will allow me to use the subtotals of a formula in another formula?

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks in advance!