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Please deactivate the old SCN account

Feb 07 at 08:00 PM


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Not sure what's the proper procedure for this but could someone please mark my old account as inactive? It's linked to SID from the previous employer that I no longer have access to.

Otherwise it looks like the old account is picked up by @-mentions.

Thank you!

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2 Answers

Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy
Feb 07 at 09:07 PM

Hey Jelena,

We are not allowed to make your account inactive as it is owned and managed by your previous employer company.

I can only recommend writing to your past employer and the SAP admin there can disable the account if they decide so.



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I'm not asking to deactivate SID. Can't the SCN team mark just the SCN profile as inactive? Or at least do something so that it doesn't show up in @-mention?


The profile status is tied to the account status so it will say active if the account is active. The profile is not Community specific (even if the current content of it is mainly Community focused and will get many enhancements later this year and further).

What I could do now is blacklist the profile then it would not appear in atmentions, but would also mean that the full profile is hidden, so I believe that it doesn't meet your needs either.

I could probably ask around to get someone in support changing the name to Jelena_OLD or something like that as a first step, but anything else requires a logic change and from your old accounts perspective currently there is no indicator that nobody is using it anymore. The easiest would be to get the account to be made inactive.

Yogesh Patel
Feb 07 at 08:11 PM

Hello Jelena Perfiljeva,

I guess you need to go through

I think it will fall under: technical support



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I looked at that page but there is actually nothing about the user accounts. It's not a "technical problem" per se, so I doubt that writing to the IT email will help. And the other contact form looks more like a marketing material request than community assistance.


Jelena, suggestion: send e-mail to SAP Network <>, and they will help you.

Fausto Motter