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Jun 17, 2008 at 05:14 PM

SD Delivery Output - External Send



I'm working to automate the sending of carton contents packing slips via email and external send function on output determination. I have copied SAP V2 output PL00 to ZPLR however inherently in 46C PL00 does not have config for processing routine medium 5 (external send) so I added it copying 1 Print Output routines ( program SDPACKLI form routine ENTRY and form T_PACK_LIST ). I added condition records for access sequence "0005" Sales Org/Customer as I want to control this by customer and tested. I can print the form with no problem but when I try to do the External Send the processing log has red entries of "Please enter an address number" and "Communication type cannot be used". I checked my customer master and I do have an email address entered and I even tested other forms with external send with the test customer and they emailed.

Any ideas? I'm stumped!