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Jun 17, 2008 at 05:22 PM

Pricing conditions - Accounting


Hi gurus,

Do you have a quick solution for this scenario?

I've implemented some additional pricing conditions (like freight, for example), one type is quantity dependant - A, and the other isn't - B. When I have conditions like this:


Net price - 5$/piece, 10 pieces

freight - 1$/piece


Net price - 5$/piece, 10 pieces

freight - 5$/10pieces

The accounting is always the same in GR and IR, related to the pieces received: If I receive 2 pieces the GR is valuated with 2$ regarding the freight, and the IR is the same.

What is the IMG to create conditions type that are not dependant on quantity? Is it possible?

What I want is to pay 5$ of fixed amount even if receive less or more than 5 units.