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Get text TDNAME from CASE GUID (FSCM dispute managment)

Feb 07 at 06:08 PM


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Hi SAP professionals,

Can someone tell me, how do I find the TDNAME value for texts associated with dispute cases, if I have the case guid?

Case GUID can be gotten from FDM_DCOBJ-CASE_GUID_LOC or UDM_COLL_ITEMCAS-CASE_GUID. These give the same value. However I have not found a link from case guid to the corresponding TDNAME value, which is very close but not exactly the same.

Is there a table that links these values?

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2 Answers

Pablo Lozano
Feb 08 at 08:21 AM

Please check this other thread:

I would highlight this answer:

"John Flynn replied:

To read the texts for a Dispute case you can use function module BDM_DISPUTE_NOTES_GET.

To use it just pass the GUID of the case. It will return the Notes in and internal table. You can then loop through that itab and read the text lines.

There are more functions related to Dispute cases in function group DISPUTE."

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Hi Pablo, thank you for your response. I am aware of the function module. I am looking for how to retrieve text for several cases via a SQL statement. So, I am looking for the table names and how they are linked.

Georgios Sofianos Mar 05 at 08:07 AM


Enter the GUID as Import parameter.

Export parameters will return under NOTE_HEADERS, field TDNAME that you're looking for.

Hope this helps.

Georgios Sofianos

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