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Set item.ShipFromItemLocation on Sales order when Auto-determination is not used

Feb 07 at 03:43 PM


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It appears that I can not set the item.ShipFromItemLocation on a Sales order if Auto-determination is not used.

My Goal is to use a Custom set of rules to determine the Source of Supply. However there does not seem to be a way to set the item.ShipFromItemLocation See Code Below

///root= Sales order
foreach(var item in root.Item) {
 if (!item.ShipFromItemLocation.IsSet()) { // DOES NOT EXIST	
  item.FulfilmentPartyCategoryCode.content = "1"; // Internal
  var IL = item.ShipFromItemLocation.Create(); //CREATE NODE  ALWAYS RETURNS NULL
  if (IL.IsSet()) { // ALWAYS NOT SET
   IL.LocationID = "3"; //WILL NEVER GET HERE
 } else {
  item.ShipFromItemLocation.LocationID = "3"; //CAN SET IT HERE IF ALREADY DEFAULTED
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