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Handling existing DAP and NLS tables in IQ in iq_system_main when you create a user dbspace

Oct 25, 2016 at 06:42 PM


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Hi SAP Community,

How do you handle when the currently archived data is stored in iq_system_main, but you realize that you need to store it in s user dbspace.

We already have 6 DAPs activated in Production, this are reflecting to be in DBSPACE iq_system_main. One info prov has data now residing in IQ in that dbspace. But we need to configure a new dbspace.

Here are my inquiries:

1. How can we make the 6 DAPs point to the new DBSPACE?

2. and How do we handle the archived data of the 1 info prov so that we can still route it to the new DBspace without creating inconsistency or disconnect?

in our previous implem when we followed the first guidance and done Alter TABLE <owner.table_name> MOVE TO <new-dbspace-name>. It did not work. We had to recreate the IQ db, delete then recreate daps that time. But since this is Prod, it is quite crucial.



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1 Answer

Eisen Wang
Nov 03, 2016 at 01:41 AM

Hi Joan,

Can you try this? --

1. make your user dbspace the default dbspace for new table object --

grant create on user_main to public;

revoke create on IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN from public;

set option public.default_dbspace=user_main;

2. copy that table to a new temp table in your user dbspace --

select * into t1 from src_table;

3. drop the old table --

drop table src_table;

4. rename the temp table name back to source table --

alter table t1 rename src_table;

Please have a try. Thanks



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