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Jun 17, 2008 at 12:25 PM

Idoc To File mapping problem.


Hi Friends,

I need a help. I am a beginner in XI , working in the development of idoc to file senerio.

Previously the requirement was,there would be an idoc, with 2 segments, say segment 1 and segment 2. Segment 2 being child of segment 1 . We need to pull the STORE and Sales Organisation field from segment 1 and MATNR field from segment 2. Say store value is 1002 , the value of *sales org is HBOO and matner value is 12345.

We needed to push the data in a file such that a row is developed as

1002,HBOO,12345, -

this is for the first idoc.

Now say for the next idoc, say where store is 1001 sales org is DR00 and matner as 67890, this will come as

1001,,67890. Fine!! if 2 idocs are posted, then the file would look like


1001,DROO,67890, .....This has been mapped and developed.

Now the current requirement is , the idoc will contain 1 segment 1 and multiple segment 2 s. So now the data of the fields would be like this .

Say,, store value is 1002 , the value of *sales org is HBOO and matner value is 12345,

matner value is 123,

matner value is 1236777,

matner value is 12345445555,.

Now the current requirement in the file for this idoc would be





.Now friends , pls tell me, how to repeat the value


and alter the value of matner and represent it in multiple rows the same as shown above for a given idoc !

Points would be rewarded.

Pls revert back in case of any clarifications

Thanks to all.