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Copy condition value from statistical condition type or subtota

Hi Gurus

I have a a scenarion where Header discounts ( fixed amount ) will be applied on Sales orders but there is a limit on the cumulative value that can be applied in a year.

So we want to use access sequence to mainatin these limits and capture the values applied (Max condition value and cumulative values on teh condition record).

So to achevie this,first i have defined a header condition (no Access sequence) and marked it as statistical on the pricing procedure.So as soon as this header condition is added to SO header, the value will be split betaween the lines based on the net value of the line.

Now i i want to copy this value that is applied to the line item as Statistical to the actual line item condition type that has access sequence so that this value will hit the access sequence and captured againt the cumulative values on teh condition record. (This is similar to an item condition that has access sequence and Max condition value & cumulative values on the condition record are updated when the value is entered manually)

I am able to achieve both independentley but failing to copy the statsitical value to the item condition so that it will hit a access sequence. I have tried to maintain the step number in the item level condition and also tried by setting up a subtotal 6 after the header condition and then in the base type cal used 26 and in "From" use the step #.

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1 Answer

  • Feb 07, 2018 at 08:18 AM

    Are you aware that you can use Header condition type also as Item Condition type with access sequence ? If you are not aware of this functionality, search in Google with the text "header condition with access sequence" so that you will find a blog detailing this.

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    • Hi Lakshmipathi

      yes, i have tried that. I have marked the Header condition type (fixed value) as header & item and assigned the access sequence to it. Marked it as group condition and condition update is also checked.

      This header condition amount will be entered manually in the sales order header and there will not be any condition value (amount) in the condition record but there will be only a Max condition value to limit the amount of discount/Surcharge that can be given out with the valididty of the condition record.

      But when i add the header condition ,for example 1000$ manually, it does not split between the lines .

      My requirement is that this 1000$ should be split between the lines and then this amount should be captured againt the condition record thats avaialble so that cumulative values will be captured and total discounts will not be more than the amount set on the Max condition value.