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Jun 17, 2008 at 09:43 AM

Dividing range(itab) supplied to submit.....?


Hi All,

Was hoping someone could help me with this.......I'll try and describe the situation and then post my code.

I need to create multiple background jobs dependant on a the volume of an itab - which in this case is a range that is built up within the program. A single job will be SUBMITTED for processing when the range previously built up is less or equal to a constant value. (In this case 20,000).

I can accomplish this quite easily by using the following code.

DESCRIBE TABLE grvbeln LINES gv_vbeln_count._

PERFORM getrange_vol. u201CGet ZVALUE_

IF gvdel_range => gv_vbeln_count._

PERFORM pgishipment. u201C Create single Job_


SUBMIT wsmonitor_outb_del_gdsi_

VIA JOB lvjobname_

NUMBER lvjobcount_

WITH ifvstel IN lr_vstel_

WITH itvbeln IN gr_vbeln_

However i'm getting stuck when trying to solve how to create mutplie jobs dependant on when the range is greater than the constant value.

If the range is greater than the constant how can i divide the range into block of the constant value (i.e groups of 20,000) and submit all for processing no matter how many entries are contained within the range....??

Heres hoping....

Thanks in advance all.