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Sending text to display from ABAP server to Eclipse ADT

Feb 06 at 02:25 PM


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Do you know if there is an easy way to send text from ABAP system to Eclipse, which can be shown in a nice window to the developer ? Preferably text field...

Reason is that we have some validations before the object can be saved, activated or included in the transport. The validation shows a window in SAP GUI, but creates short dumps, when it tries to display window while working in Eclipse.

So far I found out that when sending an error message (ABAP MESSAGE command type 'E'), it makes Eclipse display the popup. However I can't copy and paste from that.

I want to avoid building REST interfaces from ABAP Server to Eclipse and creating Plug-in in Eclipse...

Any hint appreciated


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2 Answers

Horst Keller
Feb 06 at 04:14 PM

From release 7.51/7.52 on, there is the ADT console that can be filled by including an interface, that eats WRITEs (arrgh ...) and supports CL_DEMO_OUTPUT (yes!).

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Thanks! I will try once we upgrade. So far I need to find another solution

Mike Pokraka Feb 06 at 04:24 PM

What is the background to this and how have you implemented them?

There are a lot of standard ways to perform validations, for example Code Inspector checks. Would it not be better to try use those? I am genuinely curious as to why you'd want to stop someone from saving their work, personally I would find that most annoying.

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Hi, the reason is not low quality, but to warn when the object, for any reason, is blocked for changes, or for example is going to be edited in two concurrent, ongoing change requests.

The way how it is done is similar to the one described here:

-> implicit enhancement in one of the FMs which are processed when the object is going to be added to the transport. in sap gui it works when the developer starts to edit the object, rather no irritation is grown in that case.

In Eclipse it is different - and I am looking for the options. I don't want any plug-in to the Eclipse, so as to avoid (regression) testing for any new Eclipse version.


Crikey, is SolMan stuff still not resolved? Yes I know the issue, must be years by now! I generally start work on a suspect object in SAPGUI as a workaround until I’ve got it in my transport.

Might be worth raising an OSS and asking them if this is ever going to be fixed, because I’d definitely consider it a shortcoming on SAP’s side. Sometimes SAP will let you have a prototype they’re working on. Or maybe Thomas Fiedler can chime in?