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Blog post contributor experience

Dear SAP, moderators!

I see there are occasional questions about the status of blog post reviews.

  • Wouldn't it be possible to reward blog post contributors with a bit of user experience?

What I have in mind: progress feedback on the review process, with a granularity that would not appear to be stuck for say beyond 3 days.

I am sure my blog post in review [1] is /not/ stuck, but it appears to be, which is the wrong user experience.

[1] "ABAP Programming Model for SAP Fiori – a Tutorial" "NW ABAP Gateway (OData)" "ABAP Development" bopf, cds, core data services, sadl

Thank you in advance,


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    Posted on Feb 06, 2018 at 08:31 PM

    Not sure how you imagine the review process, but it is certainly not something like first level review, second level review, third level review decision whether to move it into "needs more work" or "release" it.

    The usual progress status would for the vast majority just be: "not opened" and "decision taken".

    The primary tag is assigned to the moderator who is are the subject matter experts for this tag. The blog which requires moderation is taken into the moderation queue of those assigned moderators only. Moderators shall at least 2 times a week look after their queues. However, moderators are volunteers who have their own work (not employed by SAP), project, holidays and sick leave like anyone else. For some tags are many moderators while others lack of enough resources to back up an absence. And sometimes it is like in your own company, if 4 people are named as recipients of an email then nobody is doing anything in the hope that one of the others does it. Just humans.

    Anyhow, if content is getting older then the global moderators are stepping in and review those items.

    If it comes to a "needs more work" status then you are certainly notified, until then the progress status is just as initially said: untouched.

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    • Hello Jürgen!

      Thanks for explaining.

      And big thanks to the volunteer moderators, of course.

      Here's an idea, then: the number of waiting items before given post could be shown. This would provide a feeling of progress as it (probably) decreases twice a week, which I think is all someone waiting to be reviewed needs.

      Best regards,