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SMP SDK Access Violation error when access ODataOfflineStore.OpenStoreAsync method - Windows 8.1

Feb 08 at 08:44 PM


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I'm developing a Universal Windows 8.1 Application with Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 Project using Visual Studio 2015 and C#, the issue described below only happens in some of our notebooks and is disturbing our developers.

After filling the login and password to access the application, we call the method ODataOfflineStore.OpenStoreAsync passing some parameters, as HttpCliente, Hostname, Port, ServiceRoot, StoreName and StoreEncryptionKey.

We call the method like this, being the store our ODataOfflineStore.

await store.OpenStoreAsync(GetOptions(client, serviceRoot, storeName, definingRequest), token, progress)

The method GetOptions return a ODataOfflineStoreOptions.

This code works just fine, it works in some notebooks and also in our windows phone application, but in some of our notebooks, in debug mode, after calling the OpenStoreAsync method visual studio opens the follow Popup

I Select Ok and then Cancel (if I choose OK, opens another instance of visual studio 2015), my application crash and in the Output window, I receive the following message.

"The program '[5520] SalesInMotion.Windows.exe' has exited with code -1073741819 (0xc0000005) 'Access violation'."

Please, any of you guys have encountered a similar issue? I've developed this application and it's not working on my notebook anymore.

This issue is happening in some Windows 10 notebooks with a development environment, with SMP SDK 3.0 P15, Visual Studio 2015.

debugger.jpg (37.4 kB)
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1 Answer

Akos Grabecz
Feb 20 at 03:53 PM

That is one of the worst error messages. You should go through your code to identify the root of the issue. The number -1073741819 is just the decimal form of the memory address where it faults so that doesn't give us anymore ideas. I found your stackoverflow thread as well and saw that it happened because of some Windows update. Maybe you should open a ticket for Microsoft about this. If you think that it's SAP related then you should open a ticket for us as well. Dump files would be needed too.


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Former Member

Akos, thanks

How can I get this Dump files? And also, I'm not sure it's happening after updating the windows, can be or cannot.
I'm also in contact with microsoft, but they have just a community support, I've opened a thread there and I'm waiting for some sort of help.