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Do Forms's access control tab and adding favourites have any link in SAP IDM 8.0

Hello experts,

we have a problem while adding Favourites to IDM UI . when we create a form (Modifying Form) and if we suppose to restrict the access, we were granting those access via role which indirectly hold Privs.

in the access control Tab, we set "allow access for " value as Privilege, where user who holds this privilege gonna have access to this form. similarly, there is something like "On behalf of " where if we use filter -sql query , we are unable to add this form as favourite in UI. but if we choose that on Behalf of to "EVERYBODY", we were able to add this form as favourite tab.

do you feel this as expected scenario or is this any issue .

could you please help us to resolve this issue asap?

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  • We are seeing the same issue as described here, running IDM 8.0 SP03.

    The access control filter works as expected, insofar as being able to launch the form or not - if the admin selects a user who is excluded by the "on behalf of" filter, then the form is, correctly, not visible when selecting "Choose Task...". If they select a user whom the filter permits, then the form is visible in the "Choose Task..." selection, and can be executed. However, the "Add to Favourites" button fails to do anything.

    I've found that if the access control filter is added to a form which did not previously have it, any user admins who already had the form in their favourites will have it remain there, and the button will correctly become active or inactive depending on which user is highlighted in the search list. This suggests to me that the prevention of adding the form to favourites is not intended behaviour, but I can't say for sure.



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  • Feb 08, 2018 at 12:41 PM

    Hi Manoj,

    Any users who are assigned with the privilege maintained in the access control tab, can access the form and add it as Favorite.

    On behalf Of tab is used to Select users who should be able to execute the form on behalf of.

    The query which you have used in the filter tab returns the user's list. Only for those users you would be able to see the required task and add it as favorite task. The users which are not in the sql query output list, you wouldn't be able to see the task itself under the Choose Task option.

    Suppose you have added the task as favorite from the choose task by searching for a user and this user is returned in the sql query used in the filter tab of the On Behalf of. When you search for any user which is not in the output list of the sql query, then even though you have added the task as favorite, it wouldn't be enabled/ not possible to select the task.

    Kindly provide the IDM system details like version, support pack along with the screen shot of the form.



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