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Not able to activate XSODATA File for my Calculation view

Feb 07 at 10:43 PM


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I have created a calculation view and i am trying to create the XSODATA file to use OData service for my view,

I am receiving the below error when i activate

Please help

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1 Answer

Florian Pfeffer
Feb 08 at 05:43 AM

I think the error message you get should be clear. The catalog object you are using does not exist.

As you do not show your concrete object, it cannot be said how it is called. But as you try to use a generated runtime object for a calculation view, I think it is not stored in schema "K_TEST", but in "_SYS_BIC".

So please try to figure out the correct name, than you should be able to fix your issue.


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Former Member

HI Florian,

Thanks for your reply, Let me know if i am missing anything here.


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You mixing up runtime names + design names here. I would recommend to use the runtime name here. I guess it is something like "bharath.XTEST::CA_FI_SUMMARY", but for a correct name I would need to see your package structure.

In your screenshot you have expanded the Catalog view which contains the runtime objects. The runtime object for your view is something like "_SYS_BIC"."Bharath/CA_FI_SUMMARY", but again for the correct name, you should check it for the expanded _SYS_BIC schema.

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Here is the package path ,

Here is the catalog path

Thanks for your help

as.png (41.2 kB)
asa.png (38.4 kB)

As you can see by yourself I think

- the design time artifact is addressed by "Bharath::CA_FI_SUMMARY"

- the runtime artifact is addressed by "_SYS_BIC"."Bharath/CA_FI_SUMMARY"

Former Member

I am able to activate my file, Thanks for your Help Florian