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DMEE condition not working for Ustrd

Feb 07 at 09:21 PM


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I created two atom for Ustrd tag. First atom (Reference) is getting value from User exit and Second one (Reference 1) from structure table.

I added reference ID in 1st atom name 'Comment'.

My requirement is to populated the atom 2 value only if the atom 1 is blank. So I added below condition but it's not working. File is showing value of both atoms.

please help

ejvbo.png (3.5 kB)
igsba.png (25.3 kB)
qwrjr.png (13.1 kB)
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Bohdan Petrushchak Feb 08 at 12:57 PM

Hello Pooja Gupta,

Right now, I can't check anything in the system, but I have a small suggestion: if you use user exit to populate one of the nodes and this user exit for developed for this specific purpose (not borrowed from other DMEE-project), then I would suggest to modify user exit so it checks retrieved reference value and if it is empty returns value of standard structure table. This would be the most efficient way to deal with that and you would avoid dealing with conditions.

Otherwise, you can also try to save retrieved values in technical nodes and check them in conditions. Values in technical nodes and used internally in DMEE and are not displayed in output texts. You can check them easily in conditions and display dependent nodes.

Check out my posts for more references:



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I created technical note and it worked. Thanks Bohdan :)