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Jun 16, 2008 at 12:56 PM

Attachment in mail


Hi friends,

I am working on Purchase req approval workflow, in which during approval process if requisition got rejected then approver will attach some note in that work item.

After rejection I have to send a mail to requisition creator.

I have simulated this situation with FORMABSENCE approval, just for checking the flow of attachment.

In which workflow will trigger when FORM is getting created after then there is a approval step, and at last sending mail to WF-INITIATOR.

When approver is executing the work item, it is displaying the form with approve and reject options and there I am attaching note or attachment before rejecting the request.

Workflow is ending fine but in mail there is no attachment found. 😔

--binding of attachobjects is done at mail control tab....

--in technical log nothing in attachobjects element.

Can anyone help me what else can be the cause of not getting attachment....?

Thanks and regards