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Former Member
Jun 16, 2008 at 11:56 AM

Google Analytics


Has anyone attempted this implementation ( ) on a site that resides entirely within a firewall? No anonymous external access or anything of the sort that would allow Google to see the site?

I'm running into trouble getting analytics to "verify" that my setup is correct. Until GA does so, it ignores all requests to track a site. And analytics can't verify my site since its inside the firewall.

The documentation suggests that this can be worked around in the setup instructions, but I am skeptical. I have two personal sites which run on GA. They did not track until GA verified the site. I have to assume I've done something incorrectly in this setup, but I cannot find it. My personal blog and google code sites have the code setup in a similar vein to my portal setup and they have been working for over a month. The only difference is that they have been verified and the portal setup can not be.

Help, please!